Our certifications and the environment

Sustainable techniques.
That's Green'05.

As a total supplier of plants, we are always concerned with the environment.

For us, it is important that our plants are produced using the most sustainable techniques and the least possible environmental impact. That is why we are extremely pioneering with respect to organic pesticides. We are also actively engaged in waste separation and we focus on our market-oriented business (MPS GAP).


Market-oriented business

Green'05 has a focus on market-oriented business that also meets the traceability, safety and hygiene requirements in the sector. This is reflected in the MPS GAP certificate. In addition to this MPS GAP certificate, Green’05 also has the additional GRASP module. This stands for GLOBAL G.A.P. Risk Assessment on Social Practice and is a risk assessment in the field of social aspects. Among other things, the well-being and remuneration level of employees as well as health and safety aspects. Green’05 therefore carries the GGN label (GLOBAL G.A.P. consumer label) as demonstrable proof of corporate responsibility with care for the product and employee.


Good working conditions

Green’05 is also in possession of the MPS-SQ certificate. The MPS SQ certificate is based on the universal human rights and the codes of conduct of the representing local authorities. In short, Green’05 products are grown under good working conditions and employees are trained to perform their duties.

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